What I'm working on right now....

I am currently working on a magical woodland scene, with wild flower meadows, hares, foliage and a beautiful hummingbird Hawk Moth. 

I have an idea which l illustrate in my journal. Then I can note further idea concepts and plan extra components.

 The terrain and foliage of this piece is a combination of endless walks in the Surrey countryside, mixed with my love the paintings in children's illustration books.

Hares in Floral Meadow

I wanted this piece to feel whimsical with a layered depth that reminds the viewer of a tiered stage design. I was lucky enough to see a Hummingbird Hawk Moth. Spotted the beauties on a trip to France last year. I wondered pine Forrests onto sand dunes. All towards wild crashing waves of Dune Depole. Absolutely beautiful.

Lupins section within wallpaper 

Each of these elements have been hand-painted and then digitalised. 
Me next stage is putting all of the elements together in a way that I feels like an organic flow.