Surrey based artist, Kate Walton, driven by both her respect for traditional artforms and slowing down of our increasingly fast paced world. Forever inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Kate originally learnt her trade painting murals and chinoiseries in beautiful country rambling estates. Celebrated for her hand-painted surfaces and Home Styling, Kate’s creativity turned to surface pattern design and her gorgeous wallpaper range was born.

When Kate became a mother her business evolved and her realisation transferred into wallpapers. Making her skillset accessible to her customers.

Influenced by nature, botanicals, her world travels and treasured memories from her childhood home, Kate can often be found working late into the night, experimenting with texture and bold colours, her work embodying vibrant life.

Kate’s distinctive style has attracted commissions for illustrations and artworks for both commercial clients and individuals, with her work in galleries and art spaces in and around London.

As her work honours her environment, so too does Kate’s media. Respecting the world around us, Kate Walton Collections is a vegan brand with beauty and sustainability at its heart. She decided that by being a product based business in a world with limited resources that each sale would count towards a more sustainable future. Each online sale plants a tree.